‘League of Legends’ MMO will be cancelled if it isn’t good enough

“Riot will cancel this game if the game isn't good enough. They're not gonna cancel the game because it gets too expensive."

Riot Games seems to be tempering expectations for their planned League of Legends MMO, saying that the game will be cancelled if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

The comments come from Riot Games’ head of creative development, Greg Street in an interview with Kanon. According to Street, Riot is not concerned about having a big enough budget to develop an MMO, stating that “one of the nice things about Riot is that we’re not going to run out of money.”

The constraint facing a League of Legends MMO is a matter of quality, not finances, according to Street. Street stated that “Riot will cancel this game if the game isn’t good enough. They’re not gonna cancel the game because it gets too expensive.”


Street elaborated that, should the MMO be cancelled, Riot could instead invest in developing a new game, or “double down on Valorant.” Street was also open about the fact that the game would have to consistently impress Riot in order to secure further funding, and would rely on playtester feedback and on hitting development milestones.

“In the very simplest sense, you can think of it as ‘you get some money, if you spend it well they’re gonna give you more. If you don’t spend it well, you’re probably not. And in our case rather than shipping a bad game it would just get shitcanned.”

This isn’t the first time that Street has raised the idea that the League of Legends MMO may never see release. Back in April of this year, Street took to Twitter to explain that, while Riot are “optimistic,” there is still “no guarantee this game will ship.”

“I am just being honest that Riot’s game standards are high and so are the expectations of players,” said Street in April. “We won’t ship a disappointing game.”

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