The next free game on the Epic Games store has been confirmed

Happy kitchen designer

Automachef is the next free game on the Epic Games store, and it will replace the two that are currently up for grabs. 

The title will take the place of current free games Yooka-Laylee and Void Bastards, which are free to download until August 26. Automachef is described as “a resource management puzzler where you design kitchens, program machinery and watch your genius come to life!”

It will be free on the store between August 26 and September 2, and you can see a trailer for the game below.


Developed by Hermes Interactive and published by Team17, the game tasks players to “fine tune your mind as you tackle intricate spatial, resource management and scenario puzzles! Not enough hot dogs? You’ll sort it! Kitchens on fire? No problem for a smart human like you!”

There are three modes in the game: campaign levels, a contracts mode, and the sandbox test mode that allows players to mess around with how the game works.

Currently unavailable on the Epic Games store, Automachef costs £10.99 ($14.99) on Steam, it released back in 2019.

The Epic Games store is also opening up a beta for publishers and developers that will allow them to submit their own games to the platform. In a system similar to Steam Direct, the invite-only beta can be signed up for now.

“Sign up is now open to participate in a closed beta for a new suite of Epic Games Store self-publishing tools,” says Epic’s website. “These new tools streamline the process for developers to set up their own product pages, achievements, pricing, offers, and upload builds and updates on the Epic Games store.”


In other news, Destiny 2 will officially be getting BattlEye anti-cheat software after it leaked, Bungie has said.

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