The official soundtrack to ‘Valheim’ has been released

Twenty tracks inspired by Swedish folk music and metal bands

Iron Gate have finally released the official soundtrack to Valheim, with the 20-track album available to stream to download now.

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Featuring tracks from the original game, the Hearth and Home update as well audio from trailers and menu screens, the album is available to stream on Spotify or download via Steam.

The Valheim soundtrack is composed by Swedish-Australian composer Patrik Jarlestam and performed by Jarlestam (guitars, bass, percussion), Philippa Murphy-Haste (clarinet, viola), Jenean Lee (cello), and Michael H. Dixon (French horn).


The Valheim Twitter account also confirmed that players will be free to play the soundtrack whilst they’re streaming, with no risk of “copyrightstrike”.

In a Reddit AMA earlier this year, Jarlestam said that the soundtrack was inspired by Swedish folk music by bands like Nordic, Kongero, Lyy and Groupa as well as metal bands like Meshuggah and Dream Theater.

They also went on to talk about the future of Valheim and the possibility of expanding the soundtrack.

“I would love to compose more music for the game. I think it’s great that I managed to get all that music composed in four months just before the release of the game. If I had even more time in the future, think about what could be done,” said Jarlestam.


“We have talked about making more music, but since there has been such a big influx of players (with the great success that Valheim as become) the work will be focused on gameplay things first and then when the whole team starts working on adding more things, I think I will be there on that train (or Viking long boat) together with them”.

Valheim’s first major update was released in September. Since the release of Hearth and Home, developers have said: “We have also begun looking at things for future updates, this time focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building”.

In other Valheim news, one player has recreated several recognisable places from The Simpsons, from Moe’s Tavern to Krusty Burger and the family house.

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