The roguelike, isometric adaptation of Netflix film ‘Kate’ arrives next month

The game tasks you with curing a deadly poison whilst negotiating Tokyo's criminal underworld

The Netflix Original film Kate is getting a video game adaptation next month thanks to Ludic Studios.

The game, named Kate: Collateral Damage, follows the same premise as the film, where an assassin is given 24 hours to live due to a fast-acting poison. You play as Kate herself, tasked with finding an antidote to the poison whilst negotiating Tokyo’s criminal elements in an isometric roguelike.

The first trailer for the game shows Kate wielding a katana, killing enemies to extend her life bar and battling the clock. Leaving Kate for too long without a kill will allow the poison to take hold, and will bring an end to the fast-paced game.


The official Steam page description reads: “You are Kate, a deadly assassin on a quest for revenge against the Yakuza crime boss that lethally poisoned you. Battle your way through the Tokyo criminal underground in this time-attack, action roguelike inspired by the Netflix film!”

“Pickup firearms and melee weapons from fallen enemies and in the environment, including pistols, submachine guns, knives, katanas, and more. All weapons have limited ammo, so you’ll need to discard them and find new ones as you react and adapt to the combat situation at hand.”

“A time bar at the top of the screen constantly marches towards your inevitable death at the hands of the deadly radioactive poison, Polonium 204. Killing enemies slows the rate at which the time bar depletes, awarding your deadly precision. Stimulant syringes, earned and unlocked through gameplay, can restore the time bar fully upon use, extending your run. They can also passively save you from a killing blow. It’s up to you how you consume these syringes to survive.”

Kate: Collateral Damage is due to be released October 22 for PC via Steam.


NME’s review of Netflix’s Kate awarded it three stars and said it “packed enough of a punch – just – to keep you gripped till the finish.”

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