The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 has been announced

The mini system has an October release date in Japan

Following last week’s tease, Sega has unveiled the Mega Drive Mini 2, which includes 50 Mega Drive and Mega CD titles.

The system was unveiled during a Japanese live stream (thanks, VGC), and the list of currently confirmed titles is as follows:

  •         Silpheed (Mega CD)
  •         Shining Force CD (Mega CD)
  •         Sonic CD (Mega CD)
  •         Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD)
  •         Popful Mail (Mega CD)
  •         Virtua Racing (Mega Drive)
  •         Bonanza Bros (Mega Drive)
  •         Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive)
  •         Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
  •         Magical Taruruto (Mega Drive)
  •         Fantasy Zone (a new Mega Drive port with the original never being released on the system)

Mega Drive Mini 2. Credit: Sega


The system is slated to release in Japan on October 27 for roughly £60 (although this is just an estimation from current conversion rates). It includes eight more games than the 42 that came with the original Mega Drive Mini.

While there’s no worldwide release date confirmed at the time of publication, there was only a few week’s difference between the European and Australian release date of the 2019 Mega Drive Mini and its release in the rest of the world, so it may be a similar case.

The host of the stream, Yosuke Okunari, notably stated back in 2020 that the next mini console from Sega could be based on the SG-1000 or Dreamcast. Obviously, that didn’t end up coming to fruition, but there’s a possibility that we could eventually see one of those in the future if Sega continues to pursue mini consoles. A Dreamcast could be especially lucrative, given its cult status despite low sales due to its strong library of classic titles.

In other news, a fan demake of Elden Ring transforms the game into something akin to a classic Gameboy title.

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