‘The Sims 4’ receives scenarios in tomorrow’s update

Take on challenges in the new mode

EA is releasing a new challenge-based scenarios mode for The Sims 4, which will be available to play tomorrow.

Scenarios are coming to The Sims 4 and will offer players a new way to play the life simulator. During a live stream, Maxis gave players a look at the two goal-based stories coming in tomorrow’s update.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the first scenario is called “Making Money” and received most of the stream’s attention. In this mode, players would have to try and make one million simoleons however they like. The catch is that they start with absolutely nothing in their bank account. The second scenario, “Finding love after a break-up”, has not had any details shared about it yet.


Players will have the option to start a brand new save to play the scenarios. They can also take them on using an existing The Sims 4 world save. However, the live stream revealed that players would not be able to use existing saves with scenarios when the feature launches. This will be fixed in a future update.

It was also hinted that some scenarios might release with requirements that must be met before they can be played. The “Making Money” scenario doesn’t have any, but they could come in future. There will also be scenarios that will only be available for a limited time, while others will stay permanently. Two other upcoming scenarios were named; “Too Many Toddlers” and “Perfectly Well Rounded”. However, no further details were revealed about these.

A roadmap for The Sims 4 was released that included two base game updates that the developers have yet to talk about. It is unknown what these will be, but it’s possible that a new Kit or Stuff Pack could be coming this year.

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