‘The Sims 4’ scenarios are live, with one up for just a few more days

Raising children is virtually possible

Scenarios, the new challenge-based game mode for The Sims 4, has gone live this week and today (November 3) marks the addition of the first time-limited mode.

Too Many Toddlers runs from November 3 to November 6, according to a developer press release (thanks, PCGamesN), but if you start the scenario before November 6, you can still finish it afterwards.

The Sims 4. Credit: EA


According to a Sims community website, this time-limited scenario will see your Sim figuring out how to give toddlers attention and care, with the requirements for the challenge being three toddler Sims, and one Sim who’s a young adult or older. A potential outcome is then for the toddlers to reach level three in four different skills.

You can learn more about scenarios in The Sims 4 in the below Inside Maxis livestream, which went into both “finding love after a breakup” and “making money”. Both of these are permanent scenarios that can be tackled at any time, but players will need to create a new household to do so.

The whole point of scenarios, as described in the livestream, is to present the player with a unique challenge, but allow them to complete it any way they see fit, offering much the same freedom as the game itself to do so.

Coming up in future scenarios is “perfectly well rounded”, a challenge that requires a Sim to complete an aspiration, have five friends, and get level ten in three different skills.

Also revealed today was the Blooming Rooms Kit for The Sims 4, which will allow you to “bring your plant obsession into your Sims’ world” when it launches next week on November 9.


In other news, the New World gold duplication exploit that caused Amazon to stop all wealth transfers in the game seems to have caused another gold duplication exploit.