‘The Sinking City’ developer urges fans not to buy current Steam version

"We do not recommend the purchase of this version"

The Sinking City has returned to Steam, but Ukranian studio Frogwares is urging people not to buy it due to an ongoing legal dispute with publisher Nacon.

“Frogwares has not created the version of @thesinkingcity that is today on sale on @Steam,” the developer tweeted. “We do not recommend the purchase of this version.”

The H.P. Lovecraft influenced detective game was returned to Steam on February 27, with a heavy discount of 60%. According to Steam user LizDeLaFuentez, the version made available was not an up to date version of the game, but instead a re-upload of the version that was available on Steam for a short time in January this year.


“This is an old version of the game. There’s no DLC, no cloud saves, no achievements,” they wrote. “Frogwares hasn’t released any news about this release so I doubt they’ll ever see the money, which is why I’d recommend staying away from this until they do!”


The Legal dispute between developer Frogwares and French publisher Nacon has been ongoing since the game was removed from digital store fronts in August 2020.

The game was originally taken down due to Frogwares terminating its contract after accusing the publisher of withholding royalties, but it returned to storefronts in January of 2021.

A statement from Nacon in January confirmed that the game would be returning to all digital stores in the future after the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that Frogwares had “terminated the contract in a ‘manifestly unlawful’ manner” by taking down the game.


Frogwares are also developing Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, an origin story for Sherlock Holmes which serves as a prequel to its previous Sherlock Holmes games. Frogwares is currently set to self-publish the title.

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