‘The Tomorrow Children’ to come back after four years

A new tomorrow

Free-to-play title The Tomorrow Children, developed by Q-Games and Japan Studio, will reportedly make a comeback following an announcement that Q-Games have reacquired the IP.

Set in a Soviet-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia, The Tomorrow Children was originally released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive free-to-play title back in October 2016. Following a lukewarm reception by critics, Sony shut down servers just over one year later.


Japan Studio is one of PlayStation’s largest and well-known developers. It has been the force behind several critically acclaimed franchises such as the Team Ico games, Loco Roco, Ape Escape, Patapon, and Everybody’s Golf.

However, there is no mention of the developer in the tweet written by the other studio which contributed to The Tomorrow Children. Q-Games is a successful development studio in its own right, responsible for the popular PixelJunk franchise.

Not much has been announced about what it intends to do with the revived IP though it encourages those interested to follow up with its newsletter. It does claim that the decision by Sony Interactive Entertainment to return The Tomorrow Children to the developer is “historic”.

The Tomorrow Children received a mediocre 53 on Metacritic, being praised for its original idea but criticized for its lack of meaningful implementation. The game which acts as a social experiment where players must cooperate on tasks without written or verbal communication has had several years for the studio to develop their idea.

Those who sign up for the newsletter are entitled to ‘Postcards from the Void’ and will hear more information shortly.


In other news, after a month of uncertainty Dinga Bakaba, director of Deathloop has taken over as sole studio director of Arkane Lyon, and Fifa 22 has released a new update adding a new party game and implementing a number of bug fixes.

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