‘The Wolf Among Us 2’ update coming from Telltale games early next year

The original episodic series released in 2013

Telltale Games has announced that news concerning the sequel to The Wolf Among Us will be coming in early 2022.

The narrative-driven game designer announced this in an end of 2021 review, writing that it is “so excited for what comes next! We announced partnering with Deck Nine Games on The Expanse: A Telltale Series […] Then hang in for early next year when we can go deeper into things with TWAU2.”

Telltale announced that the second season of The Wolf Among Us was going into pre-production in 2019, after the 2013 five-episode narrative adventure proved to be a success. Based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic, the series acted as a prequel to the original material.


The Wolf Among Us
The Wolf Among Us. Credit: Telltale games

“At the end of 2019, we announced to the world that we were back, under new management, and a whole new studio. We’re doing things different this time,” the post added.

In September of 2018 it was reported that a “majority studio closure” was taking place at Telltale, as around 250 employees were laid off at once. This came shortly after a culture of crunch and toxic management was outlined at the company.

Staff that were let go reportedly had no warning, no severance, and were given just 30 minutes to leave the building.

Following this, Telltale Games had some key properties acquired by LCG entertainment, and in 2019 the developer announced it was relaunching. Some of the staff laid off have been offered freelance roles, whilst publisher Athlon Games will handle storefront operations.


In other news, Amazon Games has apologised for taking down a New World YouTuber’s video highlighting a bug to be fixed in the MMO. Originally the YouTuber wanted Amazon to just know about the bug, but then the channel received a copyright strike, and this was later removed.

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