The Xbox port of ‘Valheim’ will have cross-play support

Progress will also be synced between Xbox and PC Game Pass

Following the announcement that widely popular PC survival title Valheim would be coming to Xbox and both console and PC Game Pass, it’s been confirmed that the game will support cross-play.

A representative for Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio has stated over Discord (thanks, PC Gamer) that “there will be full cross-play, meaning you can play on Steam with friends who are using Xbox, or any other combination.” Players won’t need a Microsoft account to access cross-play either, and progress will be synced between Xbox and PC Game Pass. However, Iron Gate is “a bit unclear” as to whether it will be possible to sync progress between Xbox and Steam.

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate


It’s worth noting that Iron Gate Studio will not be handling the port, with Piktiv and Fishlabs taking over porting duty instead. This will allow Iron Gate to continue to work on Valheim and its upcoming Mistlands update without delay.

Valheim was released into early access in February 2021, and went on to become an immediate smash hit. Just a month after its launch it had already sold a staggering 5million copies and became one of Steam’s most-played games. Sales have since doubled, with it sitting at 10million as of April 2022. Additionally, over 95 per cent of Steam user reviews for Valheim have been positive. Despite the success, there has been no set release for a 1.0 version of the game as of the time of publication, with it still being in early access.

Valheim is slated to release on Xbox consoles and PC Game Pass in 2023.

In other news, Fall Guys is receiving a Halo crossover when it releases on Xbox later this month. The collaboration will allow players to earn Halo-inspired costumes within the game.