This ‘Fallout 4’ mod lets players visit ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ in stunning detail

Grab your Big Iron and revisit the Mojave

Project Mojave lets Fallout 4 players visit the iconic Mojave Desert from Fallout: New Vegas, including a gorgeously recreated New Vegas Strip.

Uploaded yesterday (October 23), Project Mojave recreates Fallout: New Vegas – from the colourful Strip to the wider Mojave Desert – in Fallout 4.

Created over the last four months, the mod page describes Project Mojave’s current release as an “early access look at our vision for the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout 4‘s engine”, adding that it has been “faithfully recreated and updated”.


So far, Project Mojave includes a “full remake of the New Vegas Strip”, as well as several new player homes and more.

The settlement building in Fallout 4 has also been brought to the Mojave, as players will have several locations available to build settlements. True to Fallout: New Vegas, there are already “three fully functional casino games” that can be played either within the New Vegas Strip or via machines built at workshops.

As it stands, Project Mojave already boasts “800+ brand new remade assets”, as well as over 20 weapons, 50+ wearable items, ten custom creatures and more.

Even more importantly, Project Mojave brings over all the music from Fallout: New Vegas, so players can listen to Radio New Vegas as they explore the wasteland of Nevada.

To download Project Mojave, players will need every piece of Fallout 4 DLC (downloadable content) as well as Fallout 4 Script Extender. Once that’s all sorted, players can download the mod over at Project Mojave’s Nexus Mods page.


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