This is what the Steam Store looks like on the Steam Deck

Looks like it should be quite simple to use

SteamDB creator, Pavel Djundik, has shared a look at what the Steam store will look like on the Steam Deck and it’s looking quite intuitive so far.

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Originally spotted by PCGamesN, Djundik shared a look at the Steam Deck’s new UI which Valve is supposedly calling “tablet mode”. Via Twitter, we got to see what Steam Deck’s version of pages for Counter-Strike, GTFO, the search page and account details look like.


The screenshots look fairly straightforward and much like an enhanced version of a mobile build. Designed for touchscreen controls, users are able to purchase games easily. They can also filter product lists down to exactly what they are looking for.

Elsewhere, it will be possible for users to update their profile and other account details including payment information.

Simply put, it looks rather promising for those lucky enough to have a pre-order for the Steam Deck. A little over a month ago, we were able to see what the Steam Deck UI looks like on desktops. The plan is for this UI to replace Steam’s existing Big Picture Mode.

In other Steam Deck news, Half-Life 2 has recently been updated so that it’s ready for the release of the system. The latest update adds ultrawide support and an increased field of view. While Valve has confirmed that the system won’t run every Steam game, it has vowed to review every one.


In other gaming news, New World has lost over 500,000 players since it launched a month ago.