THQ Nordic hands out two free games to celebrate tenth anniversary

Make sure to grab these free games before September 23

To celebrate THQ Nordic‘s tenth anniversary, the publisher is holding a major Steam sale and giving away Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance Gold Edition for free.

Starting yesterday (September 16) and continuing until September 23, both games are available to download – and keep – for free on Steam.

Titan Quest is a hack and slash action RPG, rooted in Ancient Greek mythology, which tasks players with battling the Titans, the “greatest villains of Greek mythology”. To succeed, the Steam page adds that players must “interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus”.


Meanwhile, Jagged Alliance Gold Edition is a cult classic from 1994 that blends strategy and RPG elements to allow fans to build up their own team of mercenaries and liberate the island of Metavira from the oppressive villain Santino. With a mix of wider-lens territorial strategy and turn-based combat, the original Jagged Alliance has remained a fan favourite since launching almost three decades ago.

Furthermore, THQ Nordic’s tactical Wild West stealth game Desperados 3 is also available to play for free, though this is only temporary and will require a purchase to continue playing after September 20.

To pick up any of the games, visit the Jagged Alliance Steam page, Titan Quest Steam page or Desperados 3 Steam page and press ‘Add to Account’ (or ‘Play Game’ for Desperados 3).

The free games are part of a wider celebration surrounding THQ Nordic’s tenth anniversary, and steep discounts are available for almost every Steam game under the publisher’s banner. There will also be a tenth anniversary showcase today (September 17) which will reveal six new games, and it can be watched here.


In other news, Yuji Naka has started solo development on a new game, though he says it’s “not a big deal”.

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