Tokyo Game Show will be an in-person event for the first time in three years

Elementary students and young children will not be allowed to attend

This year’s Tokyo Game Show will be held in September and will be open to the public after two years of digital-only events.

Due to Covid-19 policies, this year’s Tokyo Game Show will have a limited number of tickets but will be returning to its traditional venue of Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. The news was announced by organisers CESA, Nikkei, and Dentsu (via VGC).

The event starts on Thursday, September 15 and will run for four days. While tickets are available to purchase, elementary students and younger children will be unable to attend the event “due to uncertainties of vaccination situations among young people”.


The organisers announced that the Tokyo Games Show will continue to host the live broadcast version of the show that started in 2020. Most of the streams will be in both Japanese and English.

Tokyo Game Show
Tokyo Game Show 2018. Credit: Tokyo Game Show

The organisers said that “over these two years, various fun events disappeared from our daily life, but games still lightened up our days. Games will continue to brighten up the days of everybody now and forever—this year’s theme implies such strong determination.”

The annual Games Developers Conference will also return to physical events next month. Ahead of the show, a survey has revealed that the majority of developers prefer PC to consoles or mobile devices.

The report said that 63 per cent of the 2700 developers are currently developing a project for PC, and 58 per cent are expecting to have their next project available on the platform. The PlayStation 5 was the second most popular choice, with the Nintendo Switch taking third place according to 39 per cent of developers.


In other news, Valve president Gabe Newell has been spotted hand-delivering Steam Decks to customers. A Reddit user shared details of the moment a Steam Deck was handed to his wife as he was not home.