Trippy arena FPS ‘Spaceflux’ enters Early Access and gets new trailer

Trip the light fragtastic

Spaceflux, an FPS set in impossible space, is now available on Steam as an Early Access title with a 50 per cent discount.

Billed as an “arena FPS in fractal space”, Spaceflux is an intriguing spin on regular arena shooters. Players can infinitely loop around arenas which brings in a whole new dimension of spatial awareness.

Other elements included are portals which, like the classic FPS puzzle game Portal, bend two points of space together allowing players to travel quickly around maps. Seven fully destructible maps and a mirror mode where both players and maps are reflected.


The Early Access version allows matches with up to four players and features ten guns, including a Sofa Launcher. Players can also use abilities like teleport, decoys, and Confusion Orbs that distort other players’ perception.

Developed by a team of 3, Calin Ardelean, Jenny Gu, and Raymondd Parisien, Spaceflux is the team’s first game. Ardelean ran a crowdfunding campaign for Spaceflux on Kickstarter back in Sept 2020, reaching the goal of CA$2000 within an hour. The final total reached stands at CA$5117.

According to a developer’s note on Spaceflux‘s Steam page, the team expects Spaceflux to remain in Early Access for at least a year. Features that the team hopes to add for the full version include procedurally generated “4D” maps that evolve as the game progresses and support for up to 16 players.

The team says “we have so much more to offer that is still in the works, and Early Access is a perfect opportunity to expose players to the impossible worlds we’ve already created while continuing to develop and gain feedback along the way!”

A free single-player demo of Spaceflux is available to download from the Steam page and more information is available on its website.


In other news, a modder has added a branch of UK high street bakery chain Greggs to Far Cry 5. Edinburgh-based Mojo Swoptops, a mapper who previously created a block of Scottish flats in the game, released a video showing the creation.

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