Twitch chat beats ‘Pokémon Crystal’ in under 36 hours

Streamer 360Chrism set the challenge while they were away for Christmas

The Twitch community of a Pokémon speedrunner have beaten Pokémon Crystal including Red in under a day and a half.

Fans of partnered Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator 360Chrism have been playing Pokémon Crystal randomiser for the last day and a half and they have already beaten Red. Chris, who has over 120,000 followers on Twitch and averages almost 1000 viewers per stream, allowed his chat to take over for the holidays.

As he commonly speedruns Pokémon games on his channel, while he was home for the holidays he set up a round of Twitch plays Pokémon for his community. He randomised a version of Pokémon Crystal so all the Pokémon encountered and their moveset was random, then allowed chat to play.


“I’m gone until the 27th. Enjoy chat plays Pokémon until then!”

Pokémon Blissey
Blissey. Credit: The Pokémon Company

Chat could control the game by typing the button they wish to press into the Twitch chat. When hundreds of people do this at the same time though it obviously makes things difficult to control.

They didn’t need the five days however, as they worked together to beat the post-game boss Red who has Pokémon up to level 81 in 35 hours and 33 minutes. Players were helped by obviously having a good knowledge of the game from watching Chris play it so often, but they also used Twitch’s channel points to their advantage.

By using the reward “Emote-only mode” this allowed only mods to type commands in chat for one minute. This allowed chat to catch the Lake of Rage shiny, an Espeon in this case. It did not help with Morty’s gym puzzle though which took several hours to conquer. There was also a reward to time out players who were trying to sabotage progress.

Chat used a Ursaring as their main Pokémon who was level 71 by the end of the playthrough.


In other news, Pokémon Go has announced its 2022 roadmap with many more chances to catch shiny Pokémon coming in the new year.