Twitch now lets you see why people do not continue to sub

Streamer was rude. Unsubscribe

The latest update to Twitch‘s streaming service allows streamers to see why people did not continue the subscription to their channel.

Twitch is free to watch, though viewers who wish to support their favourite creators can subscribe to their channel for £3.99 a month. When viewers subscribe to a channel Twitch automatically signs them up to auto-renew every month. If subscribers wish to cancel this, they must give a reason for doing so. Now, streamers will be allowed to access this data from their creator dashboard.


Streamers had mixed reactions to the new access to data. Many thought it would be hurtful to see the reasons people chose to not renew the subscriptions. Others thought it was likely shaming people who cannot afford to resubscribe.

There was also a number of streamers who were excited to see the new statistics, and more who did not mind the change as long as they were not forced to engage with it.

Reasons viewers can give for cancelling include: financial reasons, the desire to subscribe manually, change in the streamers schedule or a poor interaction with the streamer. Twitch then displays the number of people who chose each option as a percentage of the total.

Subscribing to a channel on Twitch not only allows viewers to support streamers. Viewers will also be allowed to use that streamers emotes, watch the streamer without adverts and gain more channel points in that channel to spend on rewards.

This is the latest in a number of changes Twitch has been making including adding emotes for people who follow the stream but do not subscribe, and the ability to flag users who you believe are evading bans or are generally suspicious.


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