Twitch star xQc harassed by fans for “too much GTA RP”

Do they have nothing better to do with their life?

Fans of the popular Twitch streamer xQc have been targeting fan accounts, and the streamer himself, due to the amount of time he spends playing the popular role-play mod for Grand Theft Auto Online. 

As spotted by Kotaku, a fan account, @xQcOWUpdates tweeted that it had been receiving a large amount of backlash in recent times.

“We have unfortunately noted a sharp increase in hostile complaints and targeted harassment in our replies. Please remember that we are an updates account with no direct connection to xQc ourselves.”


The account continued “but with that being said, we cannot choose what xQc plays or affect what happens on stream. As of now, effective immediately, we will begin to restrict and block complainers here depending on severity.”

When asked by Kotaku for comment, the person who maintains the Twitter account said;

“It is pretty ridiculous how terrible some people will get because their favourite streamer isn’t playing a game they like,” the account holder told Kotaku. “The replies on our tweets have really become a breeding ground for this, which is why we put out that statement yesterday. It seems like so many of these people are banned from xQc’s chat so they now just come here to spew their vitriol. We try our best to ignore the shitty comments, but when regular people in our community are also becoming victims of targeted harassment…because they like watching xQc play GTA RP, is when it bothers us.”

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