Twitch streamer fights off home invader mid-stream

The entire situation was captured live

During a recent broadcast, Twitch streamer ‘girl__fighter’, a Russian pole dancer and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, was forced to fight off an intruder mid-stream.

The clip, which has since been removed from the livestreaming platform but can still be found on Reddit and Streamable, shows girl__fighter – also known as Victoria – and her friend in the middle of a broadcast before the voice of another person can be heard yelling and banging on the door in the background.

According to translations, the intruder is assumed to be Victoria’s neighbour who shouts “I will hurt you” to which Victoria’s friend replies, “no, I will hurt you, get out of here”.


The pair seem to be trying to calm the situation down before the intruder turns violent, entering the room off-camera and knocking Victoria’s stream set-up down. Both women can be heard yelling at the home invader before the feed is cut short.

More translations indicate that Victoria’s friend maced the intruder as Victoria can be heard coughing and saying, “it got into my eyes”, and as the broadcast was cut short, we don’t know what evolved from the situation.

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