Twitch streamer robbed and left stranded in London

Sweet_Anita was forced to rely on strangers for help

Popular Twitch streamer Sweet_Anita has revealed that she was recently robbed and left stranded in London.

After a strange encounter on a train, the streamer realised she had been pickpocketed.

“This guy bumped into me, like, a bit weirdly. Like face on face, I think I felt one of his teeth,” she said, sharing the story via Twitch. “Five seconds later, we had to get off the train, and I go to look at my ticket to find out what platform I’m on next, and it’s gone.”


The encounter left Sweet_Anita with no ticket and no way to buy a new one after the thief managed to pilfer her wallet.

“After that, I had no ticket, and I had to go and approach loads of strangers who didn’t know me, firstly in London, then across the country, along a four-hour journey with many changes, to explain someone took my wallet and that I don’t have a ticket, but I need to get home and I can’t.”

Shortly afterwards, the streamer realised that her bank cards were already being used, as notifications on her mobile kept her up to date with the thief’s spending.

“I was getting ding, ding, ding, from someone immediately spending shit on my card,” she explained. “They bought Amazon Movies, they bought food, they tried every single card to see if they had money on them. Incidentally, my bank didn’t let me close my credit card, so they’re still spending that. I have tried to tell them, but they’re ignoring me.”

Sweet_Anita began streaming in 2018, soon becoming one of the most popular streamers on the platform. Her honesty and openness about dealing with the neurological disorder of Tourette’s syndrome has been part of her success, while she uses the platform to help raise awareness for the disorder.

It’s currently unknown whether Sweet_Anita has been able to claim back her stolen funds.


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