Twitch streamer teams up with viewers to surprise pizza delivery driver with cash

"You guys paid my electric bill - for real, you guys are great"

Before ordering a pizza, Twitch streamer Sweatcicle told viewers that they had two minutes to contribute to the delivery driver’s tip, causing fans to pitch in and give the driver some extra cash.

As spotted by Dexerto, yesterday (October 24), Sweatcicle was streaming Destiny 2 when, while ordering his pizza on stream, he told viewers that any money raised through subs within two minutes would go straight to the delivery driver’s tip.

Sweatcicle’s viewers didn’t disappoint, and by the time it was ordered, fans had raised £52.30 ($72) to hand straight over to his delivery driver.


As visible in the clip below, the delivery driver asked to appear on stream to thank viewers for the tip, sharing that “you guys paid my electric bill for real, you guys are great – I’m driving a car that’s not mine to deliver this food. You guys are awesome – thank you so much”.

After sharing the clip from his Twitch stream, which has now racked up over 13,000 likes on Twitter, Sweatcicle added:

“I think we might try to make this a regular thing on stream if I order food. Such a good feeling to make someone’s day.”

Elsewhere in Destiny 2 news, Bungie has revealed that players who abuse an ongoing bug with orbs of power will face being kicked from the game as well as “escalating restrictions”.

As it stands, the bug currently allows players to deal so much damage that it causes the game to freeze briefly. A complete fix for the issue is expected to arrive sometime in December.


In other news, Phasmophobia‘s Nightmare update has added four new ghosts, a spooky new campsite map, and a weather system. Outside of the new content, the update also includes a rework to the difficulty system.