Twitch will now tell users why they have been suspended from streaming

A little vague but some extra insight at least

Twitch has announced that it will now tell streamers why they have been banned or suspended from the service.

In an announcement on Twitter, Twitch has explained that its enforcement notifications will now include the name of the content and the date of the violation so that streamers have more insight into what the reason behind their ban or suspension is.


As the screenshot shows, violation notifications include the reason such as whether an account has been used to upload copyrighted materials, the date the incident occurred, along with the name of the stream at the time. Details on how long the suspension will last are also provided so streamers know how long they are unable to access the service.

It’s not the most detailed of explanations, with Twitch remaining a little vague about specific reasons for bans, but it’s a step forward for a company that has been recently cracking down on DMCA bans. Such bans have included when Twitch streamer, xQc, claimed he received no support from other creators following his Olympics DMCA ban earlier this month.

Twitch has remained a popular choice among streamers, with Ninja recently explaining why he believes it’s the best and that he does not see YouTube as competition.

At the start of August, Twitch announced a price drop for subscriptions in the UK bringing a Tier 1 subscription down to £3.99.