Ubisoft updates ‘Splinter Cell’ trademark ahead of rumoured game

Ubisoft is reportedly working on a mainline 'Splinter Cell' entry

Ubisoft has updated the details of its Splinter Cell trademark, following a report that the studio is currently working on a new mainline game for the series.

As reported by The Game Post, the re-filed trademark changes the phrase “interactive multi-player computer games” to “providing an online computer game”. While the change itself is nothing big, it does seem to suggest that Ubisoft is indeed working on a new Splinter Cell game.

Back in October, reports emerged that a Splinter Cell revival is in the works. According to VGC, the game is an effort to “win back” fans who have been disappointed by recent mobile and VR Splinter Cell games.


While details are scarce, it’s also claimed that the new game may take inspiration from the Hitman series. Ubisoft reportedly provided playtesters with a “vertical slice” of the upcoming game, and they found it combined elements of Splinter Cell with the 2016 Hitman reboot.

Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist. Credit: Ubisoft

While a new game is likely still a while off, Ubisoft has already announced that another game – XDefiant – will involve Sam Fisher’s universe. Fans will be able to play as members of Echelon, a faction taken from the Splinter Cell series.

Additionally, there’s supposedly a Netflix anime based on the series in the works.

The long wait for another of Ubisoft’s fan-favourite stealth games has led to some fans taking things into their own fans. Symbiosis Games is currently working on a game called Spectre, which aims to bring back the “glory days” of Splinter Cell‘s Spies vs Mercs mode.


In other news, Fable creator Peter Molyneux has announced a new blockchain-based game that he feels will “push the boundaries of blockchain gaming”. The game – called Legacy – will allow players to “build their very own business”.

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