Ukrainian developer Frogwares is developing a new game despite invasion

Frogwares is adapting to "extreme circumstances"

Ukrainian game developer Frogwares has announced it has a new game in development, despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The studio is best known for its Sherlock Holmes adaptations and the open-world action-adventure game The Sinking City. Though staff were not expected to continue development work during the war, a MegaGrant from Epic Games is being used to relocate employees to safety.

Frogwares opened its press release with: “…We have no doubt that Ukraine will remain an independent nation, but because of the war, we have to adapt. And the work must continue. With that, we have an announcement to make.”


Though currently untitled, the project is code-named Palianytsia. The studio described the upcoming game as “…a horror and mystery experience that fans of both The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes should like.”

The name Palianytsia is derived from a type of hearth-baked bread that is present in national Ukrainian cuisine. However, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the word has also been used to identify Russian reconnaissance groups as Russian language speakers have a hard time pronouncing the word.

Frogwares has admitted that Palianytsia was not in its original plans but instead it has had to adapt to the ongoing circumstances. The studio is sure it can deliver this game, saying it will be “more streamlined than our latest open-world titles.” The press release went on to explain the rationale behind the Frogwares’ decision:

“Do we go ahead with a large scope project and risk disruption, have less room for R&D and innovation, less access to your highly skilled staff, and have smaller pre-production and development of specific tools? Or perhaps we can be smarter about this, and create a project with an easier turnaround and a tighter scope – but still ambitious, packed with quality, and with great storytelling and mystery behind it. This way, we can not only make a new game, but do so while supporting those fighting.”


Frogwares plans to reveal more information about Palianytsia in the near future and has suggested it may release content detailing staff members’ lives during the war.

In other news, Rune Factory 5 is coming to PC this Summer.

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