Upcoming indie cyberpunk game ‘Vigilance 2099’ has a new trailer

Stay vigilant

An upcoming cyberpunk indie game, Vigilance 2099, has been given a detailed new gameplay trailer showing combat and driving mechanics.

Envoidant Studios describes the game as a “cyberpunk bounty hunting game” where the player can hack into patrol units, run and jump around a neon city, and drive in a futuristic vehicle.


The new Vigilance 2099 trailer shows the driving mechanics, along with plenty of running and rolling. It also gives an idea of combat, and the kinds of foes the player-character will come up against.

The influences behind Vigilance 2099 are clear, with more than one resemblance to Cyberpunk 2077 and music reminiscent of Blade Runner. The developer says he was also inspired by the cancelled Prey 2 game.

Vigilance 2099 uses the Unreal Engine 4, but other than that, very little is known about the game. The developer Twitter account posts updates and there is a dedicated Discord server, but currently, no store pages have emerged.

In related news, CDPR have said that Cyberpunk 2077 is now at a “satisfactory level” despite player issues. “We’ve been working on overall performance, which we are also quite happy about,” said CDPR CEO Adam Kiciński.

Cyberpunk 2077 returned to PlayStation consoles in June, and became the biggest selling game that month, although CDPR did recommend only PS5 and PS4 players download the game.


Along with the return of the game to the PS Store, CD Projekt Red also released a new patch that fixed a list of major bugs causing issues to cosmetic, gameplay, and progression issues for players.