Upcoming ‘Stellaris Nemesis’ DLC will come to PC in April

Embrace the chaos

The Nemesis DLC for Stellaris has been given a PC release date, along with the Lithoids Species Pack, which is arriving on consoles later this month.

Nemesis will allow Stellaris players to venture deeper into evil with their character, allowing them to mastermind their own destructive events. Paradox Interactive, the team behind Stellaris, released their latest Developer Diary with many details regarding the new pack.

The description for Nemesis in the Diary reveals the intention of the pack deviates from Stellaris’ more traditional narratives. “For far too long has the galaxy remained safe from player hands,” It reads, “In fact, more often than not, the player has needed to be the defender of said galaxy. No more! Finally has your time come to become the crisis!”


In the expansion, Stellaris players will be able to embrace ‘Menace’, which is gathered through various sinister deeds. Once the character’s Menace is high enough, they can ascend the hierarchy until they are in control of the Aetherophasic Engine.

The inclusion of the Aetherophasic Engine in Nemesis means players are in full control of large-scale devastation. The device gains power by consuming the surrounding stars – with the official description of the Stellaris DLC stating it should guide players’ priorities in-game: “Your new goal as a crisis is now to gather as much dark matter as you can, so that you can upgrade your Aetherophasic Engine. The stars are now your fuel towards a different future.”

Console gamers will be able to purchase the Lithoids Species Pack for Stellaris on March 25, introducing a new species through ship models, Empires, portraits, and new voices.

Nemesis meanwhile will be released on April 15.