‘Valheim’ adds a terrifying swamp monster and new light armour set

With a name like The Abomination, you can guess how friendly it is

In a small patch, Valheim developer Iron Gate has added some new content for explorers who visit the swamp biomes.

Yesterday, Iron Gate teased that it had “heard something strange is stirring in the Swamps, and brave Vikings who dare to investigate will be rewarded with materials to craft something new”.

Now, players have discovered those new swamp-bound materials – but have also found out what’s guarding them. Taking to the Valheim Reddit, user BenDunno shared screenshots of a new set of light armour and a monster called The Abomination.


The new set of armour is called the Root Armour set, and is tailored toward supporting a rangeed playstyle. Wearing all three pieces improves your bow skill by 15 points when equipped, and each piece – when fully upgraded – offers 14 armour points each. This also comes with resistances to piercing damage and poison, which is incredibly helpful when exploring the Swamp biome, however players will find that the Root Armour also makes them weak to fire.

valheim swamp
Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate.

This new armour set is crafted with roots, which can be sourced from the Swamp biome’s newest enemy – The Abomination. While from a distance it may be mistaken as a clump of gnarled trees, getting too close to the beast will result in a brutal fight to the death. As well as dropping roots, the monster will also drop a brand new trophy for players to show off their prowess.

Players are reporting that The Abomination has a lot of health, however there seems to be a trick to beating them. Multiple people have recommended keeping The Abomination pinned over one of the Swamp’s many fire geysers to kill it, suggesting that the enemy is weak to fire.

In the same blog, Iron Gate teased some upcoming “lupine inhabitants”, more changes to the Mountain biome, and a glimpse at the Mistlands update.


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