‘Valheim’ dev teases “lupine inhabitants” and another look at Mistlands update

Iron Gate teases a mysterious new patch, and what's next for the game

Valheim developer Iron Gate has given fans a small glimpse of what’s to come in the next big update to the Viking survival game.

In a blog update posted today (November 25), Iron Gate revealed that today’s patch adds “something strange” in the swamp biome, which will reward brave vikings with “materials to craft something brand new”.

While the devs remain tight-lipped about what’s been added to Valheim today, the studio has more to share on future updates.


This includes a look at how “the landscape is starting to take shape and the mist itself has begun to roll in”, but teases that “what hides there still remains unknown”.

Looking further ahead, a future update to the mountain biome – which will add more caves and dungeons – “may or may not have some lupine inhabitants”.

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate

The blog clarifies that all of the content it teases is still in development and may change, but the team “wanted to offer a little sneak peek nonetheless”.

Moving away from the blog, Iron Gate has spent November answering questing in an extensive AMA. Fielding questions from fans, the studio revealed everything from not wanting to add too many useless animals to the potential for more decorations and difficulty settings in the future.

On the Mistlands update, Iron Gate shared the following:


“I know you’re all very excited about the Mistlands, and so are we! But we’re still too early in development to be able to say for sure when the biome will be released. It unfortunately won’t be in 2021 though.”

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