‘Valheim’ Hearth and Home will add new food and barf berries

These Vikings may have had a bit much

Iron Gate is getting close to releasing Hearth and Home, and the latest Valheim video shows new foods and a way to empty stomachs

Valheim’s Hearth and Home is releasing soon, as the update is scheduled for September 16. A series of short videos have detailed the updates, and the latest reveals some new foods. Players will be able to gather animal-specific meats, a big change as previously all animals dropped generic raw meat. After the update, boars, wolves, and deer will all drop unique meat.

There will also be a new crop to cultivate, with onions being a new farmable resource that can be used in recipes. Pies will no longer be pre-cooked, and a new oven will allow players to finish them off once crafted. The cauldron will also receive some changes. Similar to how workbench upgrades work, players will now be able to build a butchers table, spice rack, and others to upgrade the quality of their cauldron.


Valheim’s food system works by providing a buff when food is consumed that gradually dissipates. Once a food item has worn off enough, players can eat something else to top it off. Currently, the only way to change your food buffs is to wait until the current meal has worn off, but in Hearth And Home players will be able to manually eject meals to change up their active food. This is accomplished using the new Bukeberries, allowing Vikings to take a tactical chunder. Eating these berries will make a Viking sick and promptly vomit all over the surrounding area, clearing all active food buffs.

Hearth and Home will also bring big changes to shields. Tower shields will have increased knockback to serve better as a tanking tool, while bucklers will also gain the ability to parry enemy attacks.

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