‘Valheim’ mod lets you play as characters from ‘The Witcher’

Fight ogres and sea serpents as Geralt or Ciri

A new mod for Iron Gate’s Viking survival game Valheim lets players customise their appearance to become one of the characters from The Witcher.

The mod enables players to change the look of their character by either creating a new one or updating the file name of an old one. The character model of the Viking will then change to either Geralt, Ciri, Triss, or Yennefer from CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. However, this mod is not at all endorsed by CDPR.

To get the Witcher skins working, players will first need to install the Valheim VRM mod. This allows the player to replace their models with any they can find compatible files for. Users will then need to download the Witcher character mod.


To update the character model, players will need to rename the model file to match the name of their in-game character. Another option is to create a new Valheim character and give them the name of the desired character.

The mod is fully compatible with multiplayer but requires all on the server to have the VRM mod and the Character pack downloaded. While using the mod, players will not be able to see their equipped armour.

Valheim’s latest update continued to tweak some of the significant food changes made when the Hearth and Home update was released earlier this year. The changes should help to balance the cost-benefit of certain foods. The update also added a festive Jack-o-turnips for players to craft. These can be used to give a mead hall a spooky make-over.

Enemy AI also received some tweaks. Fulings will now spread out more and attempt to circle players.

Elsewhere, Sky has partnered with Microsoft to create the Sky Glass camera. The Kinect like device allows for motion control and fitness monitoring.

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