‘Valheim’ public test patch adds in frost caves dungeon

'Valheim' wants you to stay frosty

Valheim has a new patch in the for public tests which introduces a new icy dungeon, as well as a variety of fixes and improvements.

The biggest addition with patch 0.207.15 in Valheim is that frost caves have been added as a new dungeon the players can come across. These new frost caves will only appear in unexplored areas in the mountains biome. New enemies have been introduced such as the ulv, cultist, and bat, which players will have to fend off too.

A variety of other new content has been added as part of the patch too. New crafting materials such as red jute, fenring hair, and fenring claw have been added. A new armour set has been added, which includes a fenris coat, fenris leggings, and fenris hood, which when equipped all at once adds an extra bonus. There is a new weapon called the flesh rippers too, and new build pieces such as the red jute carpet, red jute curtain, and standing brazier.


Valheim mountains update
Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate

On top of all these additions, a new event can be found in Valheim. Developer Iron Gate hasn’t stated what the event entails, but when players see the words “you stirred the cauldron” on the screen you will know the event has started. “The fenrings stalking the mountains at night had to come from somewhere,” said Iron Gate. “Now you can finally discover the strange frozen caves where their brethren reside – if you’re brave enough to face them. Maybe you’ll even be able to learn a thing or two from how they fight?”

The patch also includes a few fixes and improvements in the Valheim patch, such as an FPS limiter setting, nomap mode improvements, and various UI fixes. Some quality of life changes have been made including the ability to close chat using esc, mouse, or gamepad B, the building marker is more subtle and indicates piece rotation, and corpse run gives a carry weight bonus to compensate for the unequipped belt. There’s also full controller support now included in the patch, which includes controller mapping of all game features.

In other news, Nintendo has forbidden players from sharing any information about Nintendo Switch Sports in the upcoming online test.