‘Valheim’ is a Steam top seller again, with surprising entries in Top Ten

A few indie games make it into the Top Ten

Valheim has hit number one on the Steam Top Sellers list for the fifth week in a row with a peak of 408,177 players over 24 hours.

The game has also sold a grand total of five million copies on Steam, and players combined have spent over 15,000 years playing it. Valheim has also been watched on Twitch for over 35 million hours.

Jordan Oloman wrote in his review for NME, “Valheim toes an almost perfect line between pushing players out into the great unknown and making them want to value and develop their homestead.”


The other games occupying the Top Ten positions have changed since last week, with Loop Hero taking the second-place spot. This indie game, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, has risen to the top in the first week of its release whilst garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Deep Rock Galactic and Outriders have pushed Hades down a notch or two, but it still returned to the list in the week it offered a 20% discount. Outriders is still yet to release, meaning the game has reached the Top Ten based on its demo alone.

Tale of Immortal, a Chinese language game, was sixth, but devs have recently stated they “regret not having localised versions of the game sooner”. The success of the game in its early days has prompted them to start work on an English localisation in April.

The Tale of Immortal developers stated: “We’ve got tons of fantastic feedback and suggestions from you all, we deeply value all your thoughts, and we are super happy to see how engaged our community is during the game’s development.”