‘Valorant’ releases first update, full list of patch notes

Raze and Sage’s abilities have been tweaked

Riot Games’ new shooter, Valorant, has received its first update, even though the game is still in closed beta. The announcement of the patch update was made through the developer’s Valorant blog.

The announcement included a complete list of changes that have been made; the biggest of which, have to do with Raze and Sage, the game’s two “strongest” and most-used characters.

For Raze, Riot Games has reduced the number of her Paint Shell grenades from 2 to 1, and has made it such that she has to get two kills before she can use the ability again. The patch also adjusts the sound effects on all of Raze’s powers to make them easier to hear in a chaotic match, helping other players dodge her incoming attacks.


Sage’s updates are less significant. Melee attacks against Sage’s barrier will now deal double damage, and players will no longer be able to bunny-hop their way through her Slow Orb.

Riot Games also addressed some of the bugs that allowed players to escape the boundaries of certain maps. Behind the scenes, Riot used the patch to improve Valorant’s network performance because certain ISPs were throttling the game’s traffic.

Riot Games issued a challenge to hackers earlier this week, to see if they could expose Valorant’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard. If successful, hackers would be compensated up to USD $100,000.

Riot has also announced a new game development studio in Singapore. The upcoming studio will focus primarily on developing upcoming games as well as supporting the company’s existing titles. Hiring has begun effective immediately even though the office will only open later this year.