‘Valorant’ releases new patch update, anti-cheat software choices

It also teases an upcoming ranked Competitive mode

Riot Games has released a second patch for Valorant, just three weeks after its closed beta launch on April 17. The announcement was made via the studio’s official Valorant blog, and includes the complete list of changes.

Patch 0.49 is packed to the brim with bugfixes, HUD and UI changes, and quality-of-life updates, including visual updates for Breach and Omen. However, the latter of the two agents was the only character to receive any balancing updates on the new patch.

Also announced was a new Competitive mode where gamers will play ranked matches against one another to attain a global ranking. However, the mode isn’t live yet and will be made available in the near future, although a date for its launch has not been released.


Changes to Observer Mode were also made in Patch 0.49, primarily in the form of a “Ghost cheat” option for custom games with cheats enabled. The feature allows an observer to “fly” around the map in noclip mode, which allows the player’s camera to move through walls, environment and other players – like a ghost.

Valorant’s update will also give players the chance to disable its anti-cheat system, Vanguard. Vanguard comes installed with every download of Valorant, and runs on a kernel driver to combat cheaters more effectively. This means the anti-cheat software will run on players’ PCs, even while the game ins’t being played.

This raised a lot of security concerns from players, prompting Riot Games to issue a challenge to hackers, offering rewards of up to USD $100,000 to expose any exploits in the cheat solution.

Valorant has now implemented a feature in which a system tray icon will show whenever Vanguard is running, according to a report by Engadget. Users will be able to turn the software off or on, or even delete it whenever they like. However, players will still not be able to play the game without Vanguard running or installed.

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