‘Valorant’ reveals Fade – a shadowy recon agent coming this week

Along with a new battlepass and skins

Riot Games has unveiled Fade, the latest agent to make an entrance in Valorant as part of Episode 4, Act 3.

Fade is a Turkish bounty hunter agent whose playstyle will be all about reconnaissance. This gives players more choice on who to play, as currently Sova is the only other recon-heavy agent. Fade is set to be released on Wednesday (April 27) along with the Episode 4, Act 3 update.

Her abilities allow her to reveal the location of enemies and either blind them or keep them in place once she does find them. According to Riot’s description: “Fade unleashes the power of raw nightmares to seize enemy secrets. Attuned with terror itself, she hunts targets and reveals their deepest fears—before crushing them in the dark.”


One of her primary skills allows you to throw a ball of shadow to reveal the location of nearby enemy players, while another creates a small circle on the ground that will keep players trapped if they get too close.

Fade also has an ability called Prowler that sends out a creature to seek out enemy players, causing them to be temporarily near-sighted.

The Valorant update also features a new battlepass which will cost 1000VP (£9.00) and includes new skins, player skins and sprays.

There’s also a new skin line called the RGX 11z Pro, which is inspired by gaming hardware and features emissive RGB LED lights, spinning tactile mechanical components, and reinforced plastic.


Recently, Riot also announced that the game’s next patch will significantly nerf the agent Jett.

In patch 4.08, Jett’s Tailwind ability will have a brief delay when the player activates it. Jett will then have a 12-second window where she can immediately dash, though this will use up a charge that needs two kills to re-activate.

In other news, GOG is now offering employees menstrual leave.