‘Valorant’ reveals its new agent Neon and Episode 4 Battlepass details

Neon has the need for speed

Riot Games has announced Neon – the next agent to join Valorant – as well as details on what fans can expect from the Episode 4, Act 1 Battlepass.

According to a press release from Riot Games, Neon is from the Philippines and “surges forward at shocking speeds, discharging bursts of bioelectric radiance as fast as her body generates it”.

Neon’s entire theme is about moving quickly – her E ability, High Gear, lets Neon run much faster and can be used to trigger an electric slide. Her Q ability, Relay Bolt, throws a bouncing bolt of energy that electrifies the ground with a concussive blast. Neon’s C ability is called Fast Lane and raises walls of static electricity that damage and block the vision of enemies passing through them. Finally, her Overdrive ability fires a beam of lightning “with high movement accuracy” and has a duration that resets on each kill.


On the development team’s goals for Neon, Ryan “rycou” Cousart said her kit revolved around feeling “fast” and “frenetic”. Cousart added that as a Filipino designer, it was an “absolute blessing” to create a Filipina agent.

Valorant Neon art
Valorant. Credit: Riot Games.

Riot Games has also shared details on what will be included in the Episode 4, Act 1 Battlepass. The free items in the Battlepass include the following:

  • Velocity Shorty w/ Variants
  • Operation: Fracture Player Card
  • Valentine’s Tactics Player Card
  • Chicken Out Gun Buddy
  • Lost Connection Spray

Whereas the following items require purchasing the Battlepass, which will cost 1000 VP.

  • Velocity Karambit w/ Variants
  •  Schema Vandal
  • Velocity Phantom w/ Variants
  • Hydrodip Frenzy
  • Unstoppable // Sage Player Card
  • Be Mine Valentine’s Day Player Card series
  • Big Brain Gun Buddy
  • Nice One Spray

There’s also a Protocol skinline which includes eight skins, and can be bought for 9,990 VP.

The Protocol skinline – alongside Neon and the Episode 4, Act 1 Battlepass – will launch on Tuesday January 11.


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