‘Valorant’ will launch its closed beta today, here’s how to get beta access

Here's your chance to try it out before its full release in the summer

Riot Games’ Valorant is set to launch its closed beta today (April 7). Only players with invites will be granted access to test the tactical shooter before its wider release in the summer.

The beta is currently only available to players from Canada, the US, Russia, Turkey and Europe – those who have keys but don’t live in these regions will not be able to trial the game at this time.

Interested players can still periodically score beta keys in the coming weeks while awaiting regional access. They will need to register for a Riot Games account before linking it to a Twitch account. Players will then have to watch one of the invited streamers on Twitch once the beta goes live. Here is the complete list of streamers to watch in order to gain access to the Valorant beta.


The first batch of beta keys were issued on April 3, when streamers who were invited to participate in the Valorant closed playtest got to show off all the gameplay footage they had captured. During those streams, 25,000 viewers received drops granting them access to the beta. Once streamers begin playing the game live today, more Twitch viewers will be rewarded with access to the beta.

Per Polygon, Riot Games has revealed its complete roster of characters and two maps, but it is not yet known what players will have access to in the current beta.