Valve teaches us how to open the Steam Deck, but tells us not to do it

Look but do not touch

Valve has released a YouTube video detailing how to safely open and exchange the thumbsticks and SSD in the Steam Deck, while frequently reminding us doing so may break the console.

In the video, we see someone remove the casing from the unreleased Steam Deck and replace a thumbstick and the SSD drive. It details screws that need to be removed in order to open the case and view the components while warning viewers that doing so will weaken the durability of the product and that the battery could ignite.


They promote the durability of their portable console by showing footage of it being dropped heavily and smashed by pistons. Conversely, they also show video of the battery and consequently the whole console igniting when heavily damaged. While the voice-over warns that static can damage components inside the system, they also claim that replacing the thumbsticks is simple.

While demonstrating how to replace the SSD to improve the memory of Valve’s handheld device, it was recommended that those who wish to own the device should first explore upgrading the memory using a microSD before attempting to replace the internal memory.

Doing so could create further complications as replacing the SSD can create issues with the wireless connectivity, overheating, and general compatibility. Removing this internal memory requires removing the outer shell protecting it first and ensuring the battery is completely disconnected.

Whether users intend to modify their Steam Deck or not, this video gives us a look into the internal components of the system which does not have a planned release date at the time of writing.

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