Valve’s Steam Game Festival returns this February with 500 free demos

The festival will also feature a wide variety of different game developer livestreams and talks

Valve‘s Steam Game Festival is returning this February, with over 500 playable demos.

The indie-centric Steam Game Festival is set to kick off on February 3 and will run through Saturday, February 9. Some of the 500 demos’ confirmed titles will include Black Book, Narita Boy and Genesis Noir. As with years prior, available demos will likely run the gamut across most game genres. They’ll also feature games with imminent releases and those early on in their life cycles.
This time around, there’s no sign that the demos will only be available for a limited time. That was the case with some previous Steam Game Festivals, a decision that lead to frustration as some titles ceased to be available after a while.
Besides demos, Valve will offer a full schedule of developer livestreams and chats. There’s no official schedule up listing which developers are participating yet, however they’ll lineky be released closer to the festival’s opening date.
The inaugural Steam Game Festival took place in December 2019 following the Game Awards. It took place entirely through virtual conferences and showcases. It’s an especially viable alternative for gamers to try out new titles during the pandemic. With no gaming events to attend, it’s even more difficult to promote new games.

Last year’s Steam Game Festival had a special Summer Edition. It took place during when E3 2020 had been set to take place. With E3 2021’s fate still up in the air, it’s possible there may be a second installment later this year.