Vampire survival game ‘V Rising’ shows unique gameplay in new trailer

Showing off some pretty unique survival elements

The upcoming vampire survival game V Rising has a new gameplay trailer ahead of its beta release later in the year.

V Rising comes from the developers of Battlerite, and is a new take on the survival genre, tasking the player with thriving as a vampire with limited resources.


The gameplay trailer for V Rising shows that players will be able to utilise crafting mechanics to build a castle, learn to ride a horse, and avoid daylight to keep their vampire-selves alive.

Combat is also shown, as players will have the option to pillage villages, raid camps, and fight supernatural entities for survival. This appears to be done through a classic brawler style with added skills – including the ability to turn into a bat.

In a blog post from Stunlock Studios, Marketing Director Johan Ilves said that the day/night divide would be one of the most unique and fleshed-out elements. “In my opinion,” he said, “hiding from the sun is one of the coolest survival elements of V Rising.”

“Visually, we made the night very eye-pleasing, so you as a player will feel at home at night, much like a vampire, while the daytime is a bit more gloomy. The night is longer than day to give you plenty of hunting time. You can still explore the world during the day by moving in the shadows, as any extended exposure to sunlight will burn you to ashes.”

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