‘Vampire Survivors’ patch confirms Mac and Linux ports, mocks NFTs

The developer has confirmed that Mac and Linux ports should arrive "by the end of the month"

Vampire Survivors has received its latest update from developer Poncle, and the patch includes an in-game “NFT” to “add 10 spicy seconds to your runs”.

Version 0.2.9 launched earlier in the week, and it includes the addition of an in-game item called the Nduja Fritta Tanto – or, NFT for short.

“From game patch 0.2.9, the Nduja Fritta Tanto can randomly drop from candles/braziers to add 10 spicy seconds to your runs. Terrible pun, great item. We’re against NFT practices if that wasn’t clear,” reads the patch notes.


Aside from Poncle’s choice “to jump on the hottest trends in gaming,” there are several other changes made to Vampire Survivors with the patch.

This includes a Garlic evolution, one additional new evolution, and two more achievements.

There’s also several bugfixes that address Garlic’s knockback for bosses, projectiles that weren’t despawning properly, gems that wouldn’t merge, and collision issues with the Inlaid Library boss.

Looking ahead, Vampire Survivors “will be focused on bug fixing and having a major review of all the recent feedback and suggestions about quality of life features,” and the patch notes add that Poncle is aiming to launch the game on Mac and Linux “by the end of the month”.

This will be great news for anyone outside of Windows, as Vampire Survivors has proven incredibly popular for those who have been able to get it. As it stands, the indie game currently ranks at 31 on SteamDB‘s chart of most played games. Interestingly, it’s only one spot behind Project Zomboid – another game that recently found surprising success.


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