‘Vampire Survivors’ update 0.5.1 adds a new stage and character

Players can now attempt to enter The Bone Zone

Developer Poncle has released a new update for Vampire Survivors that includes a new stage and character, as the game’s roadmap begins.

Patch 0.5.1 was revealed yesterday (April 24) and is available now. It features six new achievements for players to unlock, including a new hard challenge stage called The Bone Zone, a new character and weapon, an extra rank for the Reroll and Skip powerups, and two new Arcanas.

Alongside this additional content, Poncle has also introduced several tweaks and bug fixes to Vampire Survivors, such as a new toggle in Stage Selection that will disable Arcanas, and an adjustment to projectile explosion damage from Arcana XIX – Heart Of Fire.


The patch note tweaks also include the option to pick a random first Arcana, have reduced long term gains of Gatti’s attack power when stealing chicken, and projectile explosion damage from Arcana XIX – Heart Of Fire has also been halved.

Vampire Survivors
Vampire Survivors. Credit: Poncle

Vampire Survivors is a time survival game featuring minimalistic gameplay and rogue-like elements that launched on Steam in December 2021.

In March, the developer shared a new roadmap for the game which includes nine new playable characters, 16 weapons, and five new stages. The latest patch is the start of the roadmap’s new content.

“Thanks to the overwhelming success and support from the players, new content has started to come out at a much faster pace than anticipated and the roadmap has also been expanded significantly,” read the roadmap post.

“The amount of playable characters planned for version 1.0 of the game has been doubled and so has the number of stages with the introduction of bonus/challenge ones. A dozen new weapons have been designed and a handful of new power-ups thrown into the mix.”


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