‘Vampire Survivors’ will unleash more carnage with update 0.7.0

'Vampire Survivors' has revealed update 0.7.0, which sees a new stage, new weapons, a new character and more added to the roguelike hit

Vampire Survivors update 0.7.0 comes to the game on June 9 and promises a new stage, new weapon, new character and new power-ups, along with bug fixes and more.

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Poncle’s indie smash hit Vampire Survivors is the current fixation for roguelike gamers, and the developer has just announced some deliberately vague patch notes for update 0.7.0 (via PCGamesN). The main addition here is the “first iteration” of Stage 5, which is sure to see the game elevated to new levels of chaos.


Alongside this, Poncle promises two new Arcana abilities, one new weapon and its evolution, and one new power-up. There’s also set to be a new character addition to the survival game. Despite the developer’s previous statement claiming there would be “less content” in this patch, he appears to have crammed more than expected into this exciting update. When Vampire Survivors‘ existing weapons contain the likes of furious cats and a lethal flower bouquet, it’s anyone’s guess what could be added next to the game.

The full patch notes, as released by the developer into his Discord server, also mention the addition of eight new achievements. The update also brings several tweaks to Vampire Survivors, including a toggle that allows players to disable Golden Eggs bonuses. Fans can also expect some updated sprites, as well as a few bug fixes that address crashes caused by using controllers or modifying save data via mods.

Earlier in the year, Poncle updated the roadmap for Vampire Survivors and shared what fans can expect from the game’s future. Citing “overwhelming success and support from the players,” the developer says plans for the game’s playable characters in version 1.0 have doubled.

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