‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt’ Act 2 is available now

Big changes come to the vampire battle royale

Sharkmob’s battle royale with vampires, Blood Hunt has received an update that brings in new cosmetics, map locations, and more.

Exactly one month after free-to-play battle royale Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt was released, a new update ushers in act two. The team at Sharkmob has been busy working to implement improvements based on feedback, and many quality of life changes arrive in the update.

However, it is important to note that this update does not contain any optimisation changes, so those suffering from the poor performance will still experience the same. Sharkmob has made this a high priority, and hopefully, fixes will come soon.


One of the main improvements in the update is changes to the revive and respawn mechanics. Players will now have an on-screen reminder that teammates can respawn them, to clarify the mechanic better. Teammate health bars have also been updated to show when it is possible to revive them. The respawn station has also received an improvement in its visual effects upon activation.

A new location is now available in Blood Hunt’s version of Prague, the Rudolfinum Concert Hall. It originally functioned as a haven for the Toreador clan of vampires but is now available for combat encounters.

Act two also adds new quests that come with cosmetic rewards. New outfits, make-up, and tattoos will also be available for further character customisation.

Clan powers will be getting changes to help with balance. Nosferatu’s nerf ability gets nerfed with shorter durations and slower movement speeds, and the Toreador Siren has also been fixed. It was initially meant to have a white flashbang effect, but a bug stopped this from working.


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