Voxel-based ‘The Touryst’ is coming to PlayStation 5 next month

PlayStation finally gets the island hopping adventure

Shin’en Multimedia’s voxel-based island adventure The Touryst is coming to PlayStation 5 next month.

The release was originally discovered in a listing on the PlayStation Store that wasn’t accompanied by any official announcement. Eurogamer has since spoken to Shin’en Multimedia and has received confirmation that the release date and details are correct.

The Touryst is coming to PlayStation consoles on September 9 and will be available as a cross-buy promotion allowing access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions with one purchase. The listed price is £17.99.


The Touryst is (as far as we know) the only game that currently renders at a resolution of 8K on PS5. No upsampling or temporal filtering is used,” Shin’en boss Manfred Linzner told Eurogamer, “so the image quality is superb.”

This resolution is then downsampled to 4K, which is also used for the PC version and will run at 120hz.

The Touryst originally debuted on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. It has since been ported to PC and Xbox consoles.

In The Touryst, players explore islands rendered in voxels to unravel and mystery at the heart of Monument Island. Players can engage in several side activities to fund their holiday adventures and discover more about the island and the people who live there.


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