Warframe’s Spring content revealed in new update trailer

The update will mark the 8th anniversary of 'Warframe'

A new gameplay trailer has revealed what fans can expect from Warframe’s ‘Call Of Tempestarii’ update.

Developer’s Digital Extremes have released a content preview trailer with narration from Senior Community Manager Megan Everett, who detailed the plans for Warframe’s latest update, including information on the new questline.

Firstly, the update will give Warframe players the ability to engage the Corpus fleet in the Corpus-controlled Proxima Regions as well as navigate Void Storms in a new Railjack mission in search of the ghost-like Warframe, Sevagoth.


Octavia’s Prime, a unique Warframe popular among players, will be arriving February 23. It will give players access to her signature Mandachord which will allow you to create custom music.

Star Days will arrive as a limited time event in celebration of Valentine’s Day. From now until February 24, players will be able to celebrate love with Ticker in Fortuna and earn rewards such as the Eros Ephemera wings.

Additionally, to celebrate the Year of the Ox, the Lunar Renewal event taking place February 16 to March 5, will include limited-time Alerts to earn free customisations, or players can enjoy three new bundles including exclusive weapon skins which will be available in the in-game Market.

The ‘Call Of Tempestarii’ update will mark Warframe’s 8th anniversary since launching in 2013.

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