‘Warpaws’ is a real-time strategy game that pits dogs against cats

2B Games and Slipgate Ironworks announced the game during Realms Deep 2022

Warpaws, a real-time strategy game where dogs and cats fight one another utilising World War II-inspired weapons and equipment, has been revealed by developers Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games.

The lighthearted battler allows players to choose a team of canines or felines to battle the opposition to see which species reigns supreme. The game is inspired by cartoons and slapstick comedy shows and will require players to control a total of 16 units in real-time strategy whilst utilising abilities to capture the enemy’s control zones.

The announcement teaser sees an assertive Doberman commanding his army of dogs consisting of a variety of shapes and sizes in a happy-go-lucky approach to the RTS genre. With the question of whether dogs or cats are the superior species being debated over for generations, Warpaws invites gamers to find out via an all-out war.


The game will feature both single-player campaign and multiplayer competitive modes as well as co-op functionality. Maps including desert, polar, lava, city and island regions are all expected to be included alongside terrain advantages for each area.

“As big fans of the Bitmap Brothers’ Z, we always loved the idea of making our own strategy game that focused more on engagement than resources,” said Daniel Mortensen, the game’s director at Slipgate Ironworks. “Warpaws is our chance to make good on that dream” he continued.

Warpaws will be released for PC in 2023, and interested players can keep up to date by following Fulqrum Publishing on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or join the official Discord server for more information.

In other news, the official Steam Deck dock has been spotted at the Tokyo Game Show, although further information hasn’t been made public as yet.