‘Warzone’ community says “pay to win” Roze skin is causing issues again

Every Roze has its thorn

The controversial Roze skin in Warzone – which has been nerfed several times for being too hard to see – is once again causing trouble, with players alleging that previous nerfs have been reverted.

As reported by Charlie Intel, the Warzone community is reporting that the Roze skin has returned to being incredibly difficult to spot in dark areas, with players suggesting that the skin’s prior nerfs have been reverted.

One thread in the Warzone Reddit – which has gathered almost 500 upvotes – alleges that “the Roze “fix” is no longer in place” and states it’s a problem “not only in Verdansk but even more so in the current gulag”.


Several people pointed out that while Roze is meant to glow slightly in order to stand out in darker environments, that no longer seems to be the case.

call of duty warzone
Call Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Raven Software

The controversial skin has been nerfed several times, following calls for it to be removed entirely back in January.

Back in June, Raven Software said that “Roze’s Rook skin has received material updates to increase visibility“.

While the studio has not yet commented on alleged issues with Roze, there’s a chance that the upcoming Caldera map for Warzone will naturally make the skin easier to see. The tropical map – which is set in the Pacific – so far looks to be much brighter than Verdansk, potentially giving the Roze skin less places to hide.

Caldera will also launch with a brand new anti-cheat system for Warzone, which Activision has said is “all good” after reports that it had leaked to hackers just one day after being announced.


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