‘Warzone’ feature tells players when they’re playing with hackers

The kill feed now includes account bans

Raven Software has been working hard to eliminate hackers in Call Of Duty: Warzone. A new feature displays this in real-time.

Players will now be able to definitively say when a hacker has been causing mischief in their matches as a new kill feed notification has been added. Now players will see the name of a player followed by “has been banned” during matches.

This pop up will announce when players have been banned during a match. This visible layer of anti-cheat should help players feel confident that work is being done to reduce the hackers plaguing Warzone.


The update was first noticed by CharlieIntel, who tweeted an image of the kill feed pop up. They said, “Raven has updated the kill feed in Warzone to now show when they ban a player during a game. The kill feed now says ‘Username has been banned’ instead of disconnected.”

Hacking is such a problem in Warzone that one player has released a TikTok video showing the difference between two types of aimbot to raise awareness and help players detect cheaters. This can include something called “silent aim”, which causes bullets to magnetically hit players without the user’s sights performing a characteristic snap to a target.

Call Of Duty is getting close to unveiling its 2021 main game. To start building hype for the reveal, developers added a new cutscene into Warzone. When players win a match, the cutscene will show the players getting into the extraction helicopter, but one will be shot mid escape. The scene then shows a soviet sniper responsible for the gunshot.